MUNDAKA BC is a trademark of Basque fashion. A Brand which is improving every day. They have their own collection and designs, but also special collaborations with Andoni Galdeano, Naiel Ibarrola, Ane Baztarrika and exclusive designs of Kukuxumusu. You can find them in their Mundaka store and also online.

When the collaboration with Mundaka BC was set, I knew right away that I wanted to work on the relation between the sea, the waves and ink. The technique I decided to use is Japanese Zen painting which may be regarded as a form of expressionistic art that captures the unseen. The goal is to capture the essence of the object (invisible) obviating the external facade and expressing it in spontaneous and simple strokes.To try to capture the essence of the waves I held the brush perpendicular to the surface and moved it with my whole arm feeling different directions, energy and flows. Each bag is hand painted and although each result is different, the shape that represents Mundaka BC frames all those unique waves.