Zen mark making

Workshop made during my researcher internship at the Textile Lab Amsterdam in the Waag Society. There I shared my passion for a series of Japanese tools and processes such as Katazome; Harite, Bake brushes and intuitive mark making process to collaboratively paint together.

The process of mark making is based on the art of zen painting where an intuitive process forces you to be present with your full body and feel each brush stroke without a specific plan or outcome in mind. It’s about feeling the connection between the ink, the brush, the hand and the body as one.

The setting invited the attendants to be present and interact with tools in a unique way. From each side of the room, a fabric was stretched using Harite; a traditional Japanese wooden fabric grabber or clamp that is tied to each end of the fabric.

Participants were invited to stand and move around the fabric while making their marks and collaboratively creating a piece that expressed emotion through movement and shape. Also the variety of brushes led to unexpected and unique patterns.


VIDEO and brush designs by Lucas Perret