Hi, I am Ane Baztarrika

My creative practice is mainly focused on hand-painting, natural dyeing and intuitive pattern making for textiles. I give creative workshops, research on sustainable ways to work with textiles and sell hand painted/dyed products.

Being sustainable and mindful of my materials, inks and dyes is essential to my work. Especially so since traveling around Japan and realizing about the negative impact of the textile industry on the environment, and at the same time learning about existing natural alternatives that can achieve even better results.

In Japan, I studied the techniques of indigo, shibori, orizomegami, pigment and natural dyeing which I have since applied to my work and shared in workshops.

Before coming back home to San Sebastian for an exhibition, I spent 4 months researching creating natural pigment-based coloring for textiles using soybeans at the Textile Lab in Amsterdam.

During my trip to Japan, I started a collaborative project with Dutch photographer Ivar Teunissen. Together we created portraits combining our creative languages and telling a very personal interpretation of people and moments.